Antler Review: June Gloom

It’s hot vax summer and I’m booked and busy. But I’m still reading! Here are the highlights from June.

This excerpt from the next book by Akwaeke Emezi gets into the work of worldbending, of the way we influence the world around us and one another on all planes of existence. They’re a beautiful writer and I loved this piece. I cannot wait for the whole thing.

A researcher wrote up the story of what happened to her after publishing some work that refuted the central tenets of the diet industrial complex and the results were predictably awful. I feel like there’s one of these every year; some bit of scientific writing that works to prove that fat people just exist, that we aren’t a plague and that there’s a lot of money to be made in causing people to hate their bodies. So here’s the newest model.

In books, I cheated a little. I got an ARC of Alison Stine’s “Trashlands,” which is a wonderful, elegiac bit of cli-fi that focuses on poverty and the lives of women after the apocalypse.

I also got an advance copy of “Being Seen: One Deafblind Woman’s Fight to End Ableism” by Elsa Sjunneson. This book is going to go off like a bomb, especially for readers who don’t live with a disability. It made me sit with my feelings in a totally new way. It reminded me of reading “The Body Keeps the Score,” and “And the Band Played On.”

The thing about great books that haven’t come out yet is that you can pre-order them! Let my cheat be your reminder, let a book hit your Kindle like Santa Claus came in the night.

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