eShakti Rave, Review, and Referral Code

I first discovered eShakti back in 2013 and I fell in love at once. I had gone to a reading by a fat activist writer and everyone there looked so fantastic that I had to ask where they were shopping. I was worried they were a club of dressmakers, mostly because all their clothes fit so expertly that they had to be tailored. Still, I asked the question. 

A short fat femme with an adorable fingerwave in her hair told me that all of them bought their clothes from eShakti— Shakti like the goddess. I could see her serene, intelligent face as I typed it into Google hours later when I could look at my computer. And a great affair began.

Everything I’ve ever bought from eShakti has been tailored to my exact measurements, and never in my life has anything fit so well. They also let me customize my dresses— raising or lowering the hem, changing the sleeves or the shape of the neckline. And Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Has. Pockets. These controls allow for modesty or showing off all the leg you dare. I own a couple of dresses from them that I have to think hard about before bending over, and more that sweep the floor if I don’t wear at least a little bit of a heel. Whatever you feel, you can match it there. (They’re not paying me to do this, but there is a referral code at the bottom of the post. They should pay me though, seriously. All I do is tell people how much I love this outfit and that they should try it.)  

This shop has made me feel comfortable at weddings, helped me match a dress to the color of my book cover, and made me feel as though there is no occasion in life for which I will not be able to dress. I’m ready on two weeks notice for a red carpet event, or a year-long pandemic during which I will need a soft cotton gown with big pockets and a hood (not pictured, just trust me.) It’s also inspired nine thousand selfies and counting.

Look, I’m vain. And I spent years of my life shopping with friends at boutiques and stores where I couldn’t look at anything but accessories because nothing else ran in my size. eShakti is an absolute revelation after decades of trudging to Lane Bryant and trying to make do. 

If that sounds familiar, maybe you should try it out. Their prices are very fair for the quality and the long wear of the clothes they make. They’re all in good fabrics; I still have dresses from five or six years ago that I’m still wearing. I’m never going back, and I love to spread the word. Hell, I’m a walking ad for eShakti. I might as well put it here where anyone can find it.

This is my referral code, which gets us both a discount on what we want. Use it, share it, make the world a prettier dressed-up place. 

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