Who’s My Number One Fan?

Today’s the day I get to share Number One Fan with the world.

This book was born out of so many things. It was born out of my drunken Ubering home, realizing I might have passed out and woken up anywhere. It was born out of my small experience of celebrity and the way people project on to authors and creators without seeing who we really are. It was written out of my fears and my hopes, and the reviews have been great.

You can get my book at your local indie bookstore. You can get it at Target, at Barnes & Noble, on Amazon, on Kindle, on Audible, and everywhere else books are sold. You can tell me if you’re my number one fan. I can take it.

I’m going to be at Worldcon in Chicago this week, signing books and sitting for panels. If you see me, please come say hi! I’m nervous about doing big cons again, but I’m also very happy to be out in the world. I’ll be launching Number One Fan in conversation with Nino Cipri and Victor Manibo at City Lit Books on the evening of Sept 1, and I’d love to see you there, as well.

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in this one, especially my agent Dara Kaye, my editor Margot Mallinson, and my writing group. The book is dedicated to those good folks, and I love them more than I can say.

If you’re reading N1F and want to tell me about the experience, please do! I love hearing about how it makes folks feel. If you’re starting today, here’s the playlist that goes along with it. Thank you for being my Constant Reader. I can’t wait to tell you what’s next.

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