The Book of Flora in Bloom

Flora came out a week ago and how seven days can contain so much, I couldn’t tell you.

We had a Cliterary Salon made up entirely of fanfiction of my work to celebrate the launch, and my face hurt from laughing and kissing my dear friends all night. Maggie Tokuda-Hall hosted with her trademark wit, and talked about how each of us would survive the apocalypse. Molly Sanchez, Joe Wadlington, and Lauren Parker all wrote fiction in the Road to Nowhere universe. Some of it was touching, some of it was gross, and most of it was screamingly funny. Annalee Newitz wrote fanfic in what she called “the larger Megaverse,” pulling instead from my Tiptree Honored short story, “Big Girl,” about a 300 ft tall teenager meeting a lover who could surprise her: a kaiju named Julia, who is sometimes called Godzilla.

It was one of the best nights of my life.

I’m doing a limited amount of touring coming up, in support of Flora. If you can see me at any of these events, I can’t promise it’ll be as grand as the ego-ballooning Road to Fanfic was. But there will be lots of time to tell stories and answer questions and sign books you want signed.

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