LA Review of Books Raves about TBOTUM

LARBFrom the front page of the L.A. Review of Books:

“In 2015, Elison’s novel won the Philip K. Dick Award, in part because it offers an equally compelling — although markedly different — re-imagination of gender and sexual roles. Elison, quite cleverly, does not reduce women to one meaning or one role; instead, she offers a number of familial structures, including redefinitions of gender and sexuality. In the utopian space of Fort Nowhere, any person can pursue any professional or vocational role, and any person can partake in any one of a range of sociosexual roles. This may not be a fully realized feminist utopia, but it’s a start.”

This is not a review for the prospective reader; spoilers abound. But Ritch Calvin gets it in every way I want a professor of women’s and gender studies to get what I was trying to do. Being understood is priceless. Especially in this business where we are so often misquoted and misread.

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