Tiny Nightmares

Flash is the hardest thing to write.

It’s much easier to tell a story in 50k words than it is in 50. A fully developed narrative in less than 1k words is a particular kind of challenge, and making it scary is yet another one.

I’m very pleased to have a horror flash in this book. Mine is the very first in the collection, and it’s such an honor to open for people like Sam J. Miller and Stephen Graham Jones, both of whom write books that curl my toes. My story is called “Guess” and it’s about a person who works at a carnival and knows exactly how you will die. Get some kettlecorn and step right up. If you think you’re ready to know.

This collection is edited by Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto, and they did such an excellent and difficult job.

The book is available on October 13 and it’ll be a good gift for someone who’s disappointed at how we’re having to scale back Halloween this year.

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