The Book of Etta Made the Shortlist for the PKD!

I got the news in the usual way one does these days: phone lit up and buzzed itself off my desk and on to the floor.

My second novel, The Book of Etta, is on the shortlist for the 2018 Philip K. Dick award. It’s the second part of a trilogy called The Road to Nowhere, and a work of which I am quite proud.

As with the first time I was nominated for this award, I am humbled and overwhelmed by this. I’m included in a field that’s rich with talent. I’m working my way through the entire list and I have to say: if you like space operas, this is your year to read the PKD slate. Mine is the only one that keeps everyone bound by gravity.

So, I’m going to be at Norwescon this year! I’ll post my schedule as soon as I get it.

I am so, so honored to get to visit this convention again, and to have my work recognized in this spectacular way. I am all made up of thanks.

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