Awards Eligibility 2017

I published one novel and seven short stories in 2017. Some of these works are eligible for the Hugo, Nebula, British Fantasy Award, Stoker Award, This is Horror Award, Lambda Literary Award, and the Philip K. Dick. If you are a nominating human, I have a list for your consideration.


  • The Book of Etta, published in paperback, February 2017 through 47North. This is a speculative/science fiction novel dealing with queerness and gender identity in a post-apocalyptic world.

Short stories:

  • Big Girl, published in Fantasy & Science Fiction in their Nov/Dev 2017 issue. This is a fantasy story about giants, and it is available only through this magazine. There is an interview about it here.
  • The Middle Child, published in Red Room Magazine’s inaugural issue. This is a horror short about YouTube stardom and its very high costs.
  • Hysteria, published in Terraform by Motherboard in November 2017. This is science fiction written from the point of view of an artificial womb.
  • Matchmaker, published in Hardened Hearts, an anthology from Unnerving press, in December 2017. I applied Asimov’s Three Laws to a dating app; this one is science fiction.
  • Good Days, published in Empyreome Magazine in October 2017. This is a science fiction story about selling your youth.
  • Maze, published in Strange California, an anthology from Storyjitsu, in April 2017. This is a fantasy story about a haunted town in Southern California, and why nobody ever leaves home.
  • El Huge, published by Catapult April, 2017. This is creative nonfiction, and not really eligible for any of the above. I am just really proud of it.

As my first qualifying work was published in 2016, I am also eligible for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award.  

Thank you for reading. It’s been a hell of a year.


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