Archon Bound!

Who am I gonna see at Archon in St. Louis (Estiel lol) this year? The luminous and inimitable Charlie Jane Anders is the guest of honor, and I am pleased to appear anywhere she’ll be.

I just got the update with my schedule, and I’m stoked to be speaking on panels about Star Trek and how to write sex scenes. I’ve also got a reading with the great Lettie Prell and Jan Gephardt! I’ll sign books anywhere/anytime you see me; the only thing I ask is that you make a really big deal out of it so that I can act like a gracious celebrity in public.

My schedule for the event is available here. If you’ve never used Grenadine for an event before, I highly recommend downloading it to your phone for the convention. It doesn’t have good maps (hey Grenadine folks if you’re reading this: everybody has Google maps! We need maps of the event space with LABELS) but everything else about it is optimized to the congoing experience.

This is my first time at Archon and I’m looking forward to meeting a new crowd of nerds from another part of the country. Let me know in the comments if I’m going to see you there!

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