Antler Review: October Spooks and Surprises

Right on time for this spookiest of seasons, I read this excellent article about Carmilla, which is the best vampire novel you’ve never read. The other one is The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez, by the way.

I loved this nonfiction piece about how libertarianism screws everyone over eventually, even the ones who thought they wanted to live free or die hard… by bears.

This is a Kelly Robson fan blog, all the time. If you haven’t read her sexy spy story in Uncanny Magazine, you need to.

Michael Jackson is such an odd figure for me. I grew up in love with his work. He’s ripe for re-weirding, so here’s a little of that by Alex Jennings.

I ran away for a week to Colorado, driving solo the whole way and being as responsible as one can. Along the drive on the way there, I listened to the audiobook of “One to Watch” by Kate Stayman-London. It was such a fun, engaging read. The premise is what if The Bachelorette was fat? I couldn’t get enough and if you know a book that’s like this one, please pass the title my way.

While I was in Colorado, the aspens were gold and the world was new. I hiked a lot, though less than some other people. Here’s Eric O. Scott on being a body in the canyon, and a little hint of the adventure I had on my own.

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