Cover Reveal: Number One Fan

Did you ever read a book and feel like you really knew the author, that they really knew you?

Did you ever wonder if the main character was really just the author in disguise?

Did you ever slip into a stranger’s car and trust them to take you to where you were going without really checking the plate number?

Did you ever meet someone who knows you just a little too well?

Did you ever stalk your favorite creator on Instagram and learn a little too much?

On her way to a speaking engagement, bestselling novelist Eli Grey gets into a cab and accepts a drink from the driver, trusting that everything is fine. She wakes up chained in the strangers basement. With no close family or friends expecting her to check in, Eli knows she needs to save herself. She soon realizes that her abduction wasnt random, and though she thinks she might recognize her captor, she cant figure out what he wants. Her only clues are that hes very familiar with her books and deeply invested in the fantastical world she creates. What follows is a test of wills as Eli pits herself against a man who believes she owes him everything—and is determined to take it from her.

Terrifying and timely, set against the backdrop of convention culture and the MeToo reckoning, Number One Fan unflinchingly examines the tension between creator and work, fandom and source material, and the rage of fans who feel they own fiction.

“Number One Fan” is a parasocial thriller about the lines between art and artist, creator and fan, beauty and brutality. It’s out August 30, 2022. And this is its cover.

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